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Pink Pie: A Case Study in UX Research


An image of “parking lot” with sticky notes on it
An image of “parking lot” with sticky notes on it
It’s all in shorthand — I promise it made sense to us at the time
Here’s a glimpse of our affinity map after organizing user & stakeholder data into groups
Value Proposition Canvas — credit:

How might we align our product offerings to better meet our customers expectations?



Just because something is in Should or Won’t doesn’t mean it’s out of the question. It’s just not in the current scope for MVP.

When I am purchasing a gift I want to pick a fun and creative gift so I can give my friends/family/partner something that is unique and enjoyable.

We are building a gift-centered pie ordering experience for customers who are seeking unique and creative gifts because people want to share creative pies that they love with others.


I hope it’s obvious that I don’t own the rights to this, but I’ll say it here anyway for legal reasons.
On the left is the screen users navigated the most efficiently, on the right is the screen that users found most confusing.
Here‘s our round 2 prototype — Still a lot of detail missing here. The idea is to slowly add more and more detail with each round of testing to avoid overcommitting before discovering any issue with usability or the overall design concept.

Stepping Back

Product Designer — Coffee Drinker. Let’s create together:

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